Monitor Assets, Optimize Business


Manage heavy equipment, machinery, fleet and other goods efficiently and without large investments of capital or labour with asset management solutions from Bell. We offer the best tools available to accurately track and monitor valuable assets and inventory – helping control costs, minimize loss and boost productivity.


Asset Management Solutions

Tank monitoring

Get precise, real-time information on tank levels to help avoid runouts or unnecessary service calls. Combine remote sensors with predictive analytics to get insights for pre-emptive maintenance and optimized routing. Whether you distribute gas, propane, bulk fluids or other liquids, tank monitoring from Bell will help your operation save time and money.

Cold Chain Monitoring

When it comes to perishable and temperature-sensitive goods, one small error can lead to costly spoilage or recalls. Cold chain management solutions from Bell automatically record temperature levels and provide real-time alerts when they fall outside safe ranges. This means you can be sure assets are stored and transported safely, so your business stays compliant and continues to meet customer expectations.